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  2. Hello Andrea, Currently the localization partners will be doing the translation but some backers are volunteering for start translation and provide a head start for the loc partners. If you would like to volunteer as well, feel free to reach out to kickstarter@dracostudios.com
  3. hi! just a question. did you have Italian rolebook?
  4. Hello Fellow Dragon lovers! This Coral Sea Dragon is what I ended up doing with Sivax Magnifex, Prince of Perfect Ecstasy. His body build reminded me a lot of water dragons, so I painted him as if he lived in a coral reef.
  5. Does it take an action to roll a d6 to try an ability? or do you roll a d6 at the start of the round and that is your result for the round? Up to the DM?
  6. Are these per round or are they total for the phase?
  7. Main post edited with the link to version 2 and fixes needed.
  8. Right now, we do not plan to, but consider this model was printed at 50% the original size.
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