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    Hi there! Ah, ok, I see. Well, it's all metallic paints on the armoured dragon. My basic painting technique is paniting on a very light base coat, silver in this case, and then applying different more or less subtle washes of successively darker paints. Like chainmail or gunmetal, in this case. I may also paint on some more highlights again, in case they got too dark during the washing process.
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    Awesome thanks! Gives me a chance to do some test runs and scaling before getting the mother of all STL dumps soon lol
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    @Kinglonewolf Just updated the thread at the bottom line to include the link. We decided to leave it available Please share the pictures, we love to see paint jobs!
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    Wow amazing submissions. I wish I knew, I would of printed and joined in, is the bust file still available to give it a run on my printer?
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    Before launching our Kickstarter campaign for Dragons of the Red Moon, we started a Painting contest. We uploaded the 3D STL file for Kuxcoatl and allowed some time for contestants to print and paint. Note: While the Kickstarter campaign was live, we were unable to share about this contest with backers because of Kickstarter rules; no contests or raffles allowed in the campaign. Now, we have reached the deadline for submissions and would like to know your opinion on these amazing paint jobs. Note that this poll will not indicate the final winner but will help us choose some finalists. From those, the staff serving as judges from Draco Studios will pick the 1st and 2nd place. We will also pick a random winner from among all contestants. Bases Submissions Additional angles (provided by some of the contestants) Even though we are not longer accepting submissions for the contest, here's the download link for you to print and paint your own bust. Please share the pictures with us, we would love to see the result! Feel free to comment.
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    Ach so! Longma, a chinese dragon horse
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    And here's some more dragon goodness. The reissues of some nice vintage Ral Partha dragons, sculpted by Dennis Mice back in the 1990s. Painted in 2007. Dennis sure knew how to desing those reptiles. Cheers Dirk
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    Hi! A nice collection you've got yourself there! And yes, you should start painting dragons again! Do not hesitate or ponder about it, just do it! Those paint jobs really look like something to build up upon some newer, more advanced painting techniques. Cheers Dirk
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    I have been collecting dragons for over 30 years. I have over 200 separate dragons These pictures might give you some idea. I also paint miniatures I used to paint a WHOLE lot between 1990-2000. I need to get my mojo back. I wish I had a painting buddy like I used to. -Jen
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    Hi William, Just one quick remark before reading in detail the rules, the words in red color are not very easy to be read... p.3: "COMPONENTS" p.10: "TEAMS MODE (4 PLAYERS)" , "PELEA DE GALLOS (2 – 4 PLAYERS)" , "FLAG MODE (2 – 4 PLAYERS)" Do you think it's possible to change this colour? Thank you Marc
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    Oh, I'm very excited to hear that! Kudos for the dedication, Ruben; this is going to be absolutely amazing, I'm so glad I found the Kickstarter!
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    Ah yes, please!! It's been really fun trying to work this out, I honestly can't wait for more! We got a new clue tonight! "A moment's beginning ends in a moment" - Tsalke murezhi u tsalkena I'm guessing 'tsalke' means moment (as an inanimate nominative noun), and I'm willing to believe that the location particle u is accompanied by a different nominal case for motion/location (rather than a prepositional noun case, which is confirmedly absent). In German, location is indicated by the dative case, so I'm guessing '-ena' is an ending for dative singular inanimate nouns. I love it when confirmations come as I'm typing! XD So -ut would instead be an adjective ending in nominative, then? And 'zhir' a dative singular form of the pronoun?
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    Good morning! Thank you! I am sure, you guys do your best with all the love and passion yuo have for dragons. Here's another larger piece I painted up several times. Ral Partha's great golden Chaos Dragon: A real heavyweight monster cast in metal. Fortunately your dragons will come in resin and be much lighter. Resin is so much better than pewter. Cheers Dirk
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    Not exactly my dragon, truth be told, but I've been playing with my GM's! (Those are my dice tho). Kuxcoatl will be my first! ♡♡♡ ///patiently waits for wave 5
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    Hi there! I lve dragons and have painted a lot over the past 20+ years. This is one of the latest I did: Cheers Dirk
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    All of this ideas are being considered, is good to know we are on the right way. As a tease. The fight with Bastherox is like being in the midddle of a hurricane because of its weather aspect, during the fight you have to find ways to distract him, or otherwhise refocus his attention so yu can climb and try to attack, he is incredible resistant to damage but has a few specific weakness that you have to find out first that will deal massive damage to him
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    Dragons of The Red Moon is part of an extended universe called Dragonbond. In this universe, there is a constant tension between Drakha (The Red Moon) and the planet of Dralore, where different races inhabit and actively attempt to defend themselves from the constant threat that the Dragons of the Red Moon represent to them. Every 13 years, when Drakha orbits in a very close proximity to Dralore, a portal is opened and it permits the dragons to make a journey to this planet. The Dragons, most of them young, endeavor to complete a rite of passage to bring something valuable to the great wyrm of their brood, in hopes to prove their worth and show their qualities. Some of these majestic creatures, not only bringing utter devastation to the regions they overfly, choose to take back to Drakha unfortunate souls who fall under their claws to breed in their food farms, animal specimens, artifacts that intrigue them or they consider valuable under their judgement, among others. One of the many landscapes that can be seen in the Red Moon Undoubtedly, Dralorians have had a valid reason to fear and repudiate dragons for centuries. However, during the time of the draconic attacks every 13 years, a most peculiar event oft times take place. This is called the Dragonbond and it continues to puzzle and astonish both dragons and the people of Dralore. As its name propounds, this is the bonding or coming together of a dragon and any Dralorian specie with the faculty of intellect. Up to this day, there is no logic explanation for this, bond, for it is only known that it is instant and once the two creatures have recognized each other, their life depends on the other’s and vice versa. The dragon immediately loses its immortality, and is scarred by the spear of finitude, which will rise disquietude in their hearts and trouble their mind with matters that they have never been concerned with. The humanity a dragon gains due to the bond, may be seen as a curse or an advantage depending on the perspective from where it is approached. On the other hand, the Dralorian who has melded will acquire a great amount of power from the dragon and the dragon will as well gain power and magic from its counterpart. There is a lot to say about the Dragonbond, and its nature is not written in here, but in the stories of those who have experienced in the flesh. These accounts may soon be yours to read and let your imagination travel through the wondrous Dralore. This place where existence is bereft of the belief in Gods and destiny, to be is to become. There are no idols in the Dralorian mind beyond that which they call Khrasafq, a demiurgic entity who is not worshipped as an individual, for it exists in the multiplicity of the universe. Krashafq resides in all that is, hence all that is, is Khrashafq, occurring as the constant transformation of an instant in diverse shapes. Before the lack of a dive eye of judgement, Dralorians concern themselves not with the prospect of afterlife or eternal damnation, but with their present, and they do not expect to be punished or rewarded by a greater power. Their fears and drives are propped upon other matters. War and conflict are primary themes in Dralorian reality, and the inhabitants of this planet cannot conceive life without the bellicose past that was given a shape to their pugnacious actuality and thinking. The social and political horizon is everlastingly overwhelmed by the prospect of quarrels and dispute. Yet, unlike us, Dralorians do not long for peace, nor linger in the melancholy of a better time. On the contrary, their will-power is ignited by the primeval idea that collision is an intrinsic and immanent principle of life which gives a value to episodes of stability. Most definitely, their morality is unlike that of our world, and it operates in curious and of times surprising ways. This partly explains the wide cultural variety of Dralorian factions and their notable strength and impetus, which come in many shapes and have many different faces and voices. Which of the following appeals to your will and determination the most? It could be the Tyverian Empire, residence of blood sorcerers with unfaltering will and a determination to conquer as much territory as possible through blood pacts and imposing authority; or maybe The High Kingdom of Allaria, a place with the enticing aesthetics of the far east where the past magic of the silver elves continues to perturb the new order the half-elven have established; industrious gold gnomes leading the faction’s industrialization. The Nahuac could appeal to you, shapeshifters in commune with nature who fiercely protect their borders. The combined forces of the Ocelokatl, fearful jaguar shapeshifters; the talented Boonkun birdfolk, and the resilient Bendavee lizardfolk makes the Nahuac a faction to be reckoned with. These three factions are just half of the most dominant ones this awe inspiring universe has to offer to you. A Nahuac city landscape. The Nahuac focus on melding with nature this can be seen in their traditions and constructions. However, these factions are not complete without the political intrigue and the antagonizing forces that add up to the constant menace from the Red Moon. Danger and formidable forces fuel their leaders’ will. One of the most notable is The Null, a dark power which leaks into Dralorian reality, and fails not to terrorize and make the bravest mages and warriors hesitate to cast a spell or wield a weapon. The Null spews horrors capable of absorbing any form of being and turning it into nothingness, which makes it an appalling opponent, yet some see it as an inviting ally. Dralore is full of occult powers and entities that stalk from the abysmal deep to the icy and impious mountains of the north. Where will you stand? This will be a decision for you to make once you dare venture in and explore more about this marvellous universe we are crafting for your enjoyment.
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    Kuxcoatl The Lord of the Feathered Dragons has a very particular background. His bedazzling being is proof of the will in Kadmos' blood. Kuxcoatl shows that to dragons, to be is to become. Background Long time ago, Kuxcoatl hatched as a dragonkin among the brood of the Coatls. He was known as Kuxbaan, and lived under the shade of the great feathered wyrms. In the beginning, the Coatls were tribal and feral, formed by brutal devourers and hostile warriors who took pride in the violent ways of their kin. The dragonkin were not treated very different than those destined to feed the Coatls’ hunger. Yet Kuxbaan, with remarkable wit and intelligence, managed to please his boastful masters, enough for him to stay alive. Naturally curious, he always found himself cautiously observing his masters’ behavior, not afraid but with interest to form an objective judgement of what he saw day by day. Oft times, he would stray away from Coatl territory to explore unknown lands and species. Kuxbaan took samples to study them whenever he had time, and this was nothing his superiors cared for or even noticed. However, he always proceeded quietly and attempted to go by unnoticed. He did not wish to displease his master, a young Coatl who was expected to become a strong leader of his clan. Kuxbaan’s curiosity and desire for knowledge continued increasing, and his heart longed for adventure; his mind painting landscapes beyond the galactic infinity, roused by the wondrous night sky that he often observed from the Red moon. Every 13 years a portal opens and Dragons travel to Dralore, a planet too different to theirs where they bring absolute calamity and desolation as they search for a valuable offering to bring back to the head of their respective brood. This is considered a rite of passage, and Kuxbaan’s master was to perform it. Kuxbaan was not going to sit idle while limiting himself to dream, so he furtively clung to his unaware lord’s tail, hiding under his plumes. This behavior he had observed in parasite species that latched onto bigger animals and that was Kuxbaan’s time to imitate it. Dralore was successfully reached and Kuxbaan, filled with awe, did not lose time to delve into the wonders of that new world. There, lingering undercover, he came across the people who in Dralore are known as the Nahuac. He observed how the Nahuac, at a very early stage, were trying to channel their magic, primarily into manipulating nature, but they lacked full knowledge of the essential principle that conferred them magic power. When the time to go back to the Red Moon came, Kuxbaan left Dralore, but he had more questions than those he had before arriving. This lead him enter in a state of deep meditation and study when he returned to Drakha. He commenced developing and exercising his dragonkin magic, wishing to manipulate nature like the Nahuac, but with a deeper understanding and wishing to modify his own self. In theory this was fully possible, for the blood of Kadmos, the first dragon, ran through his veins. He challenged his mind and his body, and after a while a transformation begun. The blood of Kadmos had awakened within him, and soon his anatomy commenced changing into that of a majestic and gigantic dragon. Kuxbaan had finally become a Coatl, defying the laws of nature and of his own kin. When he appeared before the eyes of his master and claimed to be Kuxbaan, the later was ready to take him on with fury. Kuxbaan did not retreat and fought not only with strength, but also cunning and sly, finally outwitting the leader and executing him. Kuxbaan was recognized as the new leader and he named himself Kuxcoatl, Lord of the feathered dragons, leaving his dragonkin name behind. The Coatls changed as a kin, following the steps of their new master. They remained strong and territorial, but the desire for knowledge and curiosity became their most notable characteristic. Personality Kuxcoatl appears collected and meditative, and whenever he speaks, his mouth spews words of pure wisdom. Knowledge is his ore; he hoards it, yet not greedily, for he often shares it when he considers it worthy and pertinent. Many millennia ago, he made a trip to Dralore where he showed the Nahuac some of his magic, which they now know as the Makaab and is a pinnacle of this discipline to their society. To fight Kuxcoatl is to prepare for a test not only of strength but of wit and intelligence, since these are two of the most notable characteristics of a Coatl’s combat. In Kuxcoatl’s domain, the Coatls have a similar philosophy to Aureus’ when it comes to the treatment of dragonkin and some of their servants, which are usually Nahuac abducted from Dralore. Except for those who remain in the Coatls’ food farms waiting for their turn to satiate the dragons’ appetite, inhabitants of the brood’s territory are given certain freedom. This is reasonable to Kuxcoatl due to his past. A good way to please the Lord of the feathered dragons is to present him with something unknown to him; something that confers him knowledge in any sense.
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