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    Dragons of The Red Moon is part of an extended universe called Dragonbond. In this universe, there is a constant tension between Drakha (The Red Moon) and the planet of Dralore, where different races inhabit and actively attempt to defend themselves from the constant threat that the Dragons of the Red Moon represent to them. Every 13 years, when Drakha orbits in a very close proximity to Dralore, a portal is opened and it permits the dragons to make a journey to this planet. The Dragons, most of them young, endeavor to complete a rite of passage to bring something valuable to the great wyrm of their brood, in hopes to prove their worth and show their qualities. Some of these majestic creatures, not only bringing utter devastation to the regions they overfly, choose to take back to Drakha unfortunate souls who fall under their claws to breed in their food farms, animal specimens, artifacts that intrigue them or they consider valuable under their judgement, among others. One of the many landscapes that can be seen in the Red Moon Undoubtedly, Dralorians have had a valid reason to fear and repudiate dragons for centuries. However, during the time of the draconic attacks every 13 years, a most peculiar event oft times take place. This is called the Dragonbond and it continues to puzzle and astonish both dragons and the people of Dralore. As its name propounds, this is the bonding or coming together of a dragon and any Dralorian specie with the faculty of intellect. Up to this day, there is no logic explanation for this, bond, for it is only known that it is instant and once the two creatures have recognized each other, their life depends on the other’s and vice versa. The dragon immediately loses its immortality, and is scarred by the spear of finitude, which will rise disquietude in their hearts and trouble their mind with matters that they have never been concerned with. The humanity a dragon gains due to the bond, may be seen as a curse or an advantage depending on the perspective from where it is approached. On the other hand, the Dralorian who has melded will acquire a great amount of power from the dragon and the dragon will as well gain power and magic from its counterpart. There is a lot to say about the Dragonbond, and its nature is not written in here, but in the stories of those who have experienced in the flesh. These accounts may soon be yours to read and let your imagination travel through the wondrous Dralore. This place where existence is bereft of the belief in Gods and destiny, to be is to become. There are no idols in the Dralorian mind beyond that which they call Khrasafq, a demiurgic entity who is not worshipped as an individual, for it exists in the multiplicity of the universe. Krashafq resides in all that is, hence all that is, is Khrashafq, occurring as the constant transformation of an instant in diverse shapes. Before the lack of a dive eye of judgement, Dralorians concern themselves not with the prospect of afterlife or eternal damnation, but with their present, and they do not expect to be punished or rewarded by a greater power. Their fears and drives are propped upon other matters. War and conflict are primary themes in Dralorian reality, and the inhabitants of this planet cannot conceive life without the bellicose past that was given a shape to their pugnacious actuality and thinking. The social and political horizon is everlastingly overwhelmed by the prospect of quarrels and dispute. Yet, unlike us, Dralorians do not long for peace, nor linger in the melancholy of a better time. On the contrary, their will-power is ignited by the primeval idea that collision is an intrinsic and immanent principle of life which gives a value to episodes of stability. Most definitely, their morality is unlike that of our world, and it operates in curious and of times surprising ways. This partly explains the wide cultural variety of Dralorian factions and their notable strength and impetus, which come in many shapes and have many different faces and voices. Which of the following appeals to your will and determination the most? It could be the Tyverian Empire, residence of blood sorcerers with unfaltering will and a determination to conquer as much territory as possible through blood pacts and imposing authority; or maybe The High Kingdom of Allaria, a place with the enticing aesthetics of the far east where the past magic of the silver elves continues to perturb the new order the half-elven have established; industrious gold gnomes leading the faction’s industrialization. The Nahuac could appeal to you, shapeshifters in commune with nature who fiercely protect their borders. The combined forces of the Ocelokatl, fearful jaguar shapeshifters; the talented Boonkun birdfolk, and the resilient Bendavee lizardfolk makes the Nahuac a faction to be reckoned with. These three factions are just half of the most dominant ones this awe inspiring universe has to offer to you. A Nahuac city landscape. The Nahuac focus on melding with nature this can be seen in their traditions and constructions. However, these factions are not complete without the political intrigue and the antagonizing forces that add up to the constant menace from the Red Moon. Danger and formidable forces fuel their leaders’ will. One of the most notable is The Null, a dark power which leaks into Dralorian reality, and fails not to terrorize and make the bravest mages and warriors hesitate to cast a spell or wield a weapon. The Null spews horrors capable of absorbing any form of being and turning it into nothingness, which makes it an appalling opponent, yet some see it as an inviting ally. Dralore is full of occult powers and entities that stalk from the abysmal deep to the icy and impious mountains of the north. Where will you stand? This will be a decision for you to make once you dare venture in and explore more about this marvellous universe we are crafting for your enjoyment.
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