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  1. Paarthurnax from skyrim.
  2. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    Sorry for the silence, but dragons have been keeping me busy for a while. The challenge is still up, in case you are wondering. We have made some changes in the way we have been handling our social media. Clues will start coming up back again soon. We have been working on some really exciting stuff this past few weeks regarding dragonbond. Can't wait till we can share more with you guys. Hope we can get back on track with this
  3. Yeah, didn't realise you uploaded even more dragons I meant the ones on the second armoured dragon
  4. Ach so! Longma, a chinese dragon horse
  5. Those metallic highlights are really cool! Is that metallic paint or an effect using regular paints?
  6. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    No worries, been unable to check this as often myself. About vkr- and bamr- you are mostly right. Notice mr- in and on itself is a particle. The prefixes and suffixes change its specific meaning. you are right abourt thsêgarakh, or its infinitive form, gareth. You are right about all six endings you are mentioning with the only difference that the ending for dative animate singular is -ir
  7. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    That's pretty close. Though there is no participle in draconic, -ut works as a participle in the sense that it can turn verbs to adjectives.
  8. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    It seems I made a mistake there, both are meant to be dative. (I guess I'll have to double-check the clues I've written so far to ensure this doesn't happen again. Regarding mrokhr and umrokhr, these two are very similar, but not quite. I kind of took inspiration from russian regarding how these two work, but it's not that straight forward. Think of it as two words u-mrokhr That should be enough to point you in the right direction I guess.
  9. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    A clue I can give you here is that I took a lot of how adjectives/adverbs work form the german language.
  10. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    Nope, there's no typo Yes voruvnurera means orators, it is also a tongue-twister of a word Also you are correct about tshêgerakh khar'ad Correct!
  11. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    Holly cow, you've made some good progress and there's a lot to go through. Let's start with these -ut is not an ending for nounst correct! Mireth = to see, that's correct. I can confirm that -eth is the infinitive ending for verbs You are right about feksa and fekse, and the way dragons use animate/inanimate to convey different but related ideas. you are right about mrokhr
  12. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    Of those three you got the second one right. The other two have exactly one thing incorrect (wether the case, the number, or the type of noun)
  13. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    Yep, tsalkena is inanimate dative singular
  14. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    Welll, based on thre progress of the thread this is what i can confirm. That's correct, vazhe Arke means "our world" Yes, as you may have notice, adjectives and nouns share endings, the same way as spanish. Now I just realized my choice of word for darkness "Zhere" clashes a bit with other words and that might lead to confusion." So in order to avoid miselading you Zherani and Zherir are not related Zherir is the dative form of zhere, which means Darkness. The language is still a bit of a WIP and while I have a dictionary, some times these things slip through the cracks. So, sorry for that. Yep that's correct
  15. Haku from spirited away.
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