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  1. I am glad to inform that all the epic encounters are finished, they are missing editing and proof reading but i will se if we can make a sneak peak of one of the dragons, which one do you want to see the epic encounter? Bastherox and its fight in the storm? Or maybe Kuxcoatl in his magical lair?
  2. Alastor

    3.x rules

    Currently they are at standar 3.x style because the Xorvintal dragons are a little more time consuming but i will do the update in time so you can have both options, our dragons have the aspect mechanics that are very magic heavy.
  3. One of our main writers , Raquel is doing the different conversations of the dragons so the GM has an aid on how will they respond for example when players destroy one of Nixis eggs of power.
  4. So I was thinking on a way to make them adaptable to different power levels but want to know if people would like to fight them at different levels but first i want to know if people would like to fight them at lower power levels or just go to the full epic proficiency +6 fight
  5. Alastor

    3.x rules

    So first question for designing this monsters. Which kind of 3.x dragons do you like? I normally preffer Xorvintaal dragons for 3.x rather than the classic ones because I feel that as presented on the MM it tend to be played more as a sorcerer that happens to be a dragon than a true dragon. An exception will be Kuxcoatl and Nixis but in general i would like to know your opinion
  6. Alastor

    3.x rules

    We are doing the 5e edition ones and 9th age for the wargaming crowd. The issue with the 3.x is that they requiere a lot more playtesting for balance reasons. and yes they will be easily convertible to HARP, the epic encounters can be adapted easily actualy
  7. All of this ideas are being considered, is good to know we are on the right way. As a tease. The fight with Bastherox is like being in the midddle of a hurricane because of its weather aspect, during the fight you have to find ways to distract him, or otherwhise refocus his attention so yu can climb and try to attack, he is incredible resistant to damage but has a few specific weakness that you have to find out first that will deal massive damage to him
  8. Alastor

    3.x rules

    Hi everyone in this topic i will discus the design of the 3.x ruleset for the dragons
  9. Hello everyone, I think is pertinent that i present myself. I'm Alastor Guzman Head of RPG and game design so for rules regarding the system, IPs etc feel free to tag me and i'll answer your questions. So as i am writing the different epic encounters I come to you backers to ask What do you expect of them? We will have a tease soon but what do you expect from them. The idea is like a boss fight from God of war or Legend of zelda with different points to attack and not just Hitpoints pinatas Edit: Click here to see v2 of the Epic Encounters. We are still missing the following on this version: Balance the numbers Some final edits (Typos to some names) Change of first paragraph in Baastherox (it has Aureus' duplicated) Include the Maps Include the rest of the lairs If you notice any other issues, please let us know.
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