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  1. TheHunter

    Draconic Poem

    This is everything that has been confirmed so far in terms of noun endings (not including the -el ending). noun endings.xlsx
  2. TheHunter

    Draconic Poem

    Also, from clue 9 “zanon” appears to be some form of “fire,” which could relate to “zanel” from line 7 of the poem. Neither of these endings have been used or discussed previously though. Based on what we have already, -on could be animate singular accusative. Outside of vocative, which this clearly isn’t, our only remaining options for singular are animate accusative and inanimate genitive.
  3. TheHunter

    Draconic Poem

    Another random guess, but if Mire relates to the concept of vision, and ena is the inanimate dative singular ending, could the opening and closing lines of the poem “u shefqmirena ...” be something like “in a blink” or something similar? It seems like the same kind of construction as “u tsalkena” for “in a moment.”
  4. TheHunter

    Draconic Poem

    Random observation: there aren’t that many instances in any of the inspiring languages where the same word appears twice in a short phrase. I wonder if gre in “gre khmuresh gre umrakesh” could be a ‘neither / nor’ construction using the same word like in Spanish?
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