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  1. Hello Andrea, Currently the localization partners will be doing the translation but some backers are volunteering for start translation and provide a head start for the loc partners. If you would like to volunteer as well, feel free to reach out to kickstarter@dracostudios.com
  2. Main post edited with the link to version 2 and fixes needed.
  3. Right now, we do not plan to, but consider this model was printed at 50% the original size.
  4. Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We have already notified our sculptor and will update the file soon.
  5. @Kinglonewolf Personally, I really like how your prints look with that smooth red color. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Here, we share recommendations on settings, printers and filaments. We also link some videos of people who have done in-depth guides for specific aspects of 3d printing. If you have a handle on printing or are not planning on printing them you can skip this update, however if you are planning on printing them and are new to this, please read ahead. First the Machines FDM - this is the most common and cheapest option if you want to get into 3d printing. It uses melted plastic and prints in layers, meaning that the model gets "sliced" into sections of the resolution you decide to uses (regularly from 50 to 300 microns) and then does layer by layer, one on top of the next resulting in a solid piece. This process has some caveats, for example overhangs result in places where there is no material underneath, and that area will require supports; supports, like most settings, can be changed so you achieve the best result for you. Here is a small video explaining how supports work, and even gives you a preset that works pretty well in my experience. How supports look like, some printers can even do water-soluble supports that literally disappear when left in water! Filaments - While there are two main options for FDM printers, we are going to save you a big while of testing, fails and ultimately not getting the right settings. Go for PLA , unlike ABS; it is quite forgiving, the room temp doesn't have to be ideal, you can have some drafts, and you do NOT need an enclosure which leads to a lot more problems than it actually solves, and the benefits of ABS are minimal in the long run. So, lets just say that after a lot of research and tests, you have now decided that when printing miniatures and non-functional models, you will always use PLA. Settings - Here is a video for printing Miniatures, however some of those concepts are not really applicable for bigger models (like our awesome dragons) but you might want to get used to them, there are a lot of profiles in the web for printing things. Here are some profiles specific for the Ender 3 or 5. But they should work with most printers. we will say that sticking to 100-150 micron layers for the dragons should yield great results, most of the parts WILL require supports, so get acquainted with those too, temp varies greatly by different filaments make sure to search for the best temperature for your chosen brand of filament (Reddit has a whole section on filaments and print temps), also keep in mind that there is no golden profile for printing, especially not one that fits all printers so make sure you know your printer and are willing to fine tune it! Want to buy an FDM 3d printer? Ender 3 - $199 Ender 5 - $319 Prusa i3 mk3 - $749 Wanhao - $357 These are printers we know and have worked with and can vouch for their quality, depending on your budget you can get any of them, they are all great and have some differences. If you need more info there are a lot of reviews for ALL of these printers so search for them and decide what best fits your needs. Resin - Printers that cure resin in layers to create a final solid model, the quality on resin will ALWAYS be better than FDM, however this comes at a cost: Reduced build plate size Lengthy setup and cleanup for every piece Smelly and toxic material However if you are wiling to endure all of these, you could have a final piece that requires little to no sanding and which has a quality that can only be improved by professional printers. Resin printers use supports as well, they are a bit harder to set up correctly and you will probably need to learn to correctly arrange them for best print results. You will need to wash the pieces in an IPA bath, after that you will need to remove the supports with clippers and finally you will need to cure the piece in UV light so the material sets correctly. Here are some Resin printers we recommend: Wanhao d7 plus - $585 Anycubic Photon - $375 Form 2 - $2850 Again these are printers that are tested in the community and have good results, as far as the dragons they will probably need to be scaled down to fit the reduced printing space, or split into more pieces so keep this in mind! Conclusions If you are new to 3d printing, there are a lot of resources, and when you buy your first 3d printer the community will guide you so you can have the best experience with printing. It is one of the most involved communities and you will feel right at home. As for the dragons, if you are going to get only one printer, we would recommend the FDM printer since it has an easier learning curve and will be able to print the dragons full size from the get-go. If you have both available then a hybrid printing would be the way to go, print smaller more detailed pieces (the head, arms and tail end) on the resin printer and the rest on the FDM printer giving you better quality on the most detailed pieces and a faster and less expensive alternative for the bodies and wings. If you have any specific questions and can't find an answer comment in the campaign so we or any other experienced backers can help you out! There are not silly questions when learning something new, don't let that thought stop you from asking in the comments section. Send your pictures! We know you will find all the info to be very useful. Now that you have already set for a great start please, share your pictures and stories with us!! We want to see how you paint your miniatures, how they look at your table, and to read what adventures you have for them or your gaming group. You can share with us in any of the following sites: Post in this thread from our community forums
  7. War for Chicken Island was truly a big learning experience and today I want to share with you all about it. I'll write about the following topics, so you can skip and read any of your interest. 1.0 Project Background 1.1 About the designer 1.2 About the campaign draft 1.3 About the publisher 2.0 First campaign 2.1 First campaign Pros 2.2 First campaign Cons 3.0 Relaunch 3.1 Corrections 3.2 Advertise Relaunch 4.0 Second campaign improvements 4.1 Communication -------- 1.0 PROJECT BACKGROUND I believe that the corner stone of a campaign is mostly determined by the fanbase for the project or its creators. War for Chicken Island is a Mexican project. The tabletop scene in Latin American Countries is not as big as in USA, Canada, or European countries but it is growing. As a result, every tabletop enterprise in Mexico is quickly spotted in the radar and many companies collaborated to make War for Chicken Island possible, given that it was going to be the first Miniatures Game on Kickstarter from our country. 1.1 ABOUT THE DESIGNER The game was developed by Gnomosapiens, who launched NecronomiCORP back in November 2016. My partner at Aether Tower and I provided guidance to them about how to fulfill with friendly-shipping. The game itself is terrific if you like the genre, but since fulfillment was delayed for many months and, most importantly, given that some Spanish copies never arrived in Spain, the reputation was not good for Gnomosapiens; with finances problems, they were still making refunds to backers who didn't get their copy. For the record, on February they finished making the last reimbursements and as far as I know, their reputation is clean now with all backers. 1.2 ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN DRAFT I played War for Chicken Island in September 2017 for the first time. Loved the theme, loved the art, loved the gameplay. 10 months later I was providing feedback to Gnomosapiens for their Kickstarter campaign. They were missing a lot of key factors, some I can remember are: - The pledge level was at 3x manufacture cost because they were comparing to Zombicide content (that would hurt their finances). - No gameplay videos or reviews. - Mailing list non-existent. - English rules were not edited (And their English is not the best of all) - BoardGameGeek entry was missing. - Minimum Viable Product from Gnomosapiens could still be simplified. Overall, I was just providing tips but at some point they mentioned that they really do not enjoy running a Kickstarter campaign, even less with the pressure from their last project. Now, running Kickstarter campaigns is my favorite part of publishing games. Back then I had ran 11 successful campaigns and 3 failed campaigns (Mostly Tabletop campaigns for Aether Tower, Detestable Games/La Caravana, but I have also helped some family/friends fund their Escape Rooms, Board Game Café, plushies, even painted rocks and some experiments of my own when Make 100 and All-in-one were the creative prompts from Kickstarter). So I offered to see if Draco Studios would be interested in Publishing War for Chicken Island. Two months later we signed a publishing and licensing agreement with Gnomosapiens. 1.3 ABOUT THE PUBLISHER Draco Studios was developing Eldritch Century (a setting for RPG + Skirmish miniatures game) at that time. The project was programmed to launch in October, but it is cooking slowly and it is intended to be one of the biggest releases from the company. You all know Jamie's #1 rule about launching too soon. War for Chicken Island entered into Q4 slot instead for Draco Studios plans. Among the conditions in the contract was an advance payment to Gnomosapiens. Launch before 2019 and make the second half of the payment in December. The pros for the project being published by Draco were: Bringing the game for Essen Spiel (although its exposure was minimal) Editing the rules and translate properly to English. Using our mailing list. Making more prototypes and demo the game at Roll A Game Expo (The biggest Gaming convention in Mexico which runs at the end of the year) plus having a panel for Gnomosapiens. Working with Detestable Games (a design academy in Mexico) to edit the rules. 2.0 FIRST CAMPAIGN We restructured Gnomosapiens' campaign draft and while we were producing prototypes they sent their only prototype to Gamerati for a video review. By November 6th we were ready to launch, although a little bit rushed. 2.1 FIRST CAMAPAIGN PROS On Kickstarter, visuals are extremely important. I had confidence that even though we were lacking previews and convention presence for the game, the theme and art would compensate. Upon launch, I did the usual stuff: - Share in social media (Facebook Fanpages and groups, Twitter) - Send newsletter to our Mailist. - Ask some partners to feature the project in an update. - Share the link with friends and family. We also got the "Featured by Kickstarter" tag which I think is always helpful. For this campaign I introduced one experiment (which on our Dragons of the Red Moon campaign was later flagged by Kickstarter and they request us to remove it before launching): The idea was to make some kind of network marketing. Backers could request for a personal referral link (the ones creators can generate in dashboard) and for every X funds generated by their tag, we would be giving some extra credit in the pledge manager for add-ons. (Basically like Kickbooster but with Kickstarter tools). One would think that a lot of backers would request it but surprisingly enough, only 11 of them did. Still, it served for a little bit of extra exposure. We also provided the rules and print and play for everyone to compensate for the lack of reviews. 2.2 FIRST CAMPAIGN CONS Despite the general opinion about Early Birds being awful, I do believe they are highly effective. However, I do share the belief that all backers should get the same perks. I understand that some eager backers may not hear about the project until a later date so it doesn't seem fair. BUT I still believe they are effective, an Early Bird will attract many backers that will instantly pledge and decide later whether to stay or cancel (Campaigns with Early Birds also have many more cancellations because of this). This time for War for Chicken Island, I decided NOT to include Early Bird pledges. Instead, we offered an Early Funding Stretch Goal. We had two graphics (which were later removed from the page when the reboot was imminent) The first one stated that for us ALL backers should get the same perks so the Kickstarter price (which is indeed lower than MSRP) would be our 30-day Early Chicken (Early bird) reward. The second one read that if we reached 100% funding within the first 2 weeks, we would give the Mecha Chicken Dragon miniature for all backers. One week after the campaign was launched, this was changed to 50% funding to make it more achievable based on the progress. Since all the negotiation and campaign launch was rushed, we did not have time to properly generate and define the stretch goals. It seems, this affected negatively to the campaign. We just showed chickens that could be unlocked but not their funding goal. But after 1 week and a few days, we launched a project update which caused chaos and confusion among backers: Draco Studios has a sibling company: Draco Forge, a resin miniatures workshop. Since we were accepting that the campaign would not reach Stretch Goals (and backers were cancelling because of that) we offered the possibility to add stretch goals as a bundle add-on. Those would be manufactured by the Forge whether we reached the stretch goals or not. (The Stretch goals would be included in the game, plastic version and for free in case we reached them). Even though we thought it would be something positive for the campaign's funding, this was not well-received by backers, maybe because we haven't even properly displayed stretch goals. We instantly updated explaining more in depth but that was still not making our backers happy. I guess there are some structures from campaigns which will hardly change and Stretch Goals is one of them. Keep them simple and straightforward. I'm about to share something personal: I consider myself a very good community manager and I can always deal with an unhappy customer and try to resolve the issue in their favor. But that moment was the hardest from the 18 campaigns I have ran. At that stressful day, being in Europe still (post Essen) my girlfriend (now fiancé, yay!) called me from the other side of the world and asked me something that would cause me even more stress: "Why not relaunch?" 3.0 RELAUNCH At the moment it sounded terrible. I had never relaunched since my first campaign back in June 2016 (Hero from Aether Tower which failed not once but twice and became the biggest Kickstarter learning experience until War for Chicken Island). However, after 1 day of cooling down I resolved it was the greatest idea! Think about it: Why on Earth would a tabletop game would not be launched on Kickstarter? Big companies launch on Kickstarter without needing the funds because besides of the financial benefits, it makes a buzz for your project. It is a marketing tool good for traditional distribution which is bigger than Kickstarter. War for Chicken Island lacked the reviews and the international exposure until that moment. The first campaign would serve as the pre marketing for the actual campaign and the current backers could become the ambassadors for the game. I feel the urge to say that even though this sounds as a great idea, I would definitely not do it intentionally nor recommend it for other creators. It is exhaustive to run a single 30-day campaign, imagine running twice that. All I have to say is that, if your campaign is not an instant success, you have an opportunity to transform disadvantage into advantage but be prepared because it is going to be extremely tiresome. So, the first step was to listen to our backers and make things right for them. 3.1 CORRECTIONS We asked our backers in a survey if they would back again if we relaunched with a better structure. We got almost 100 responses. 86% answered Yes, 13% answered Maybe, and only 1 of them answered No. Good. Then we asked what they would like to see changed and provided a list: - Having a Kickstarter Exclusive Miniature since day 1 (instead of a Flash Funding Goal reward) - Making a version of the game with standees and some minis to make it cheaper and lowering funding goal. - Clearly displaying stretch goals and add-ons since day 1. - Make giveaways to promote the project - Give a free item to returning backers (we suggested a dice cloth bag at that time) Backers shared their thoughts; we resolved not mixing minis and standees due to backers' request (Full minis or full standees but not both) among other stuff. But particularly there was one important question which created a lot of engagement; we asked our backers which miniatures should be included in the core game and which ones should be stretch goals. We provided images and cards' effects in the update. I think all of this gave a loud and clear message to our backers: we will listen to you. And oh yes, we did. I remember reading, replying and tracking votes for all comments. As I said, I really enjoy running Kickstarter campaigns after all. Not even at the 2-week mark, we had already decided that we would relaunch; we set a date for cancellation (12 hrs before the natural campaign end) and a date for relaunch which goes against many conventional rules. 3.2 ADVERTISE RELAUNCH Communication changed naturally, we were not worried any longer. We were almost celebrating that we would relaunch and backers were looking forward to it and to help us with improving the campaign. Being totally honest, we decided to relaunch on December 3rd (5 days after the campaign end-date) most of all because Draco Studios had already scheduled the Dragons of the Red Moon campaign with our talented artist friend Tom Babbey and Axolote Gaming (another super skilled Mexican tabletop enterprise which is a close partner for Draco Studios). For Summer/Autumn we had Eldritch Century, so the time could only be Q4. Plus, per our agreement with Gnomosapiens, we had to pay the second part on December. The idea of relaunching on December was one that I was not particularly excited. Talking from experience, I managed the Seat Wars campaign for Detestable Games in December 2017 and the response was very low for a very cool-looking and fun family game. But I still felt that our backers would be there for us and that would be positive for the campaign, at least better than the current one. Plus, we were finally connecting; a devoted and listening creator with an engaged backer community. We still had some ads and newsletters scheduled for the reminder of the campaign but rather than cancelling them we placed everywhere in the campaign about the date and the bonus of pledging in the first campaign (a free cloth bag for returning backers). We mentioned about the relaunch in every new update. We even created a graphic at the top of the campaign (which was removed just before cancelling) promoting the $1 pledge level "Curious Chicken"; Kickstarter surprised us with a mention in one of their newsletters, and I think the graphic at the top of the campaign was the reason for that newsletter getting a nice conversion into the $1 reward tier with 157 backers by the end of the campaign. While the 1st campaign was running, we were already preparing the graphics and committing the changes for the second campaign. Cancelling the first campaign felt weird, I'm not much of a sports guy but I would say that it kind of felt like being losing (not by much) in half-time but motivated to win the game in the second half. 4.0 SECOND CAMPAIGN IMPROVEMENTS When we finally relaunched we did a lot of improvements, many of them were already mentioned. But other things changed as the second campaign was running: I previously said my feelings and thoughts about Early birds; effective but with downsides. On the first campaign we stated that all our backers would have the same benefits for all the 30 days. We figured that the 30 day campaign backers should totally be our early birds, or early chickens as we called them and instead of a cloth bag we created an early bird reward tier with a special and super appealing add-on (Dragon Momma) for free which would be available as a paid add-on later ($10 USD). This was notified in a project update in the previous campaign, in the newsletter, in social media and everywhere where we already had mentioned War for Chicken Island before. We also changed the cover image to display more the artwork and less the components. Miniatures are a trend but there are too many games with miniatures out there. Chickens and the art style for this game is quite unique. And a confession to make; among the many Kickstarter creators I follow, I am a big big fan from Elan Lee and the Exploding Kittens team. I was not a backer of Exploding Kittens but I was a very participative one in Bears vs Babies (As a backer, I even created the official song for the campaign social goals which is in YouTube and the team used for some promo videos). I just love the way they make a party out of their campaigns. War for Chicken Island has the perfect feel for Achievements and social goals so I introduced those, not for promotion (although they were thought to be shared on social media) but for backers to do crazy stuff with the chicken theme and enjoy it. Cookies, drawings, War speeches, Chicken Christmas ornaments. Still with no additional reviews, we hosted many livestreams for playthroughs to compensate for it. Among the Achievements, one was particularly useful. I got the inspiration from a backer of Gnomosapiens' campaign NecronomiCORP back in 2016. A backer had its name changed to "(Name) - Backing NecronomiCORP". So one of the challenges was to have X backers with "backing War for Chicken Island" in their names. I think it is brilliant because if they comment in another project they are backing, you will get promotion with other potential backers. I remember the campaign "Chai" was running back then, and after our campaign ended, many backers changed their name to "backing Chai" and I still see some backers with other project's names. We also had some Board Game Geek ads scheduled for the second campaign; first time I use them and I highly recommend them. The campaign became a big party, backers and I really enjoyed everything. Many of them claimed that War for Chicken Island was the best campaign they have ever backed (something I can relate to when I think in the Bears vs Babies campaign). I was aware about Tainted Grail campaign and Awaken Realms is a business reference model for me. So at the very last moment, with some hours left in the last day of our campaign (which coincidentally was the last day of their campaign), we got the heads up from backers telling us about Awaken Realms having backed our campaign. You can imagine that we had a last push from this and I am still curious to know why they backed our campaign and how they heard about it. It was so exciting that I even gave a loud thank you in project campaign description and update; kind of a way to return the favor or express our gratitude so that other backers could see their name. And with that final push we broke the last Stretch goals and even more unplanned ones. Which brings me to the last and most important lesson (re)learnt from this campaign: 4.1 COMMUNICATION You see, having ran a lot of campaigns, I eventually got used (without noticing) to post one update every month or every two months. I would just wait to stack a lot of information and post few updates with tons of what I consider relevant info. With War for Chicken Island I got the chance to remember that communication is crucial: In project updates: rather than few updates every month or few months with summarized relevant info, most backers prefer having many updates with all the details. One every few days (if not daily) while the campaign is live with cool news or sneak peeks and at least one per week or two weeks at most after the campaign finishes. In the campaign page: Having everything clearly displayed since the beginning. I would say that this was the reason of the confusion which caused War for Chicken Island to consider a relaunch. In the comments: Be present for your backers and engage in conversation. It is no just about answering questions, sometimes it is about talking about the project or common interests. When backers start conversation among them, that's something quite spectacular. I consider to have virtual friends made in the Bears vs Babies campaign and whenever I see them in other campaigns we are backing, it is very nice to talk casually. As a creator, there are some backers who are present across your multiple campaigns and particularly in campaigns with relaunch, your previous backers are the stars of the show so it is always nice to see them commenting and cheering for the relaunch. In other languages: Spanish is the official language in Mexico. However, for Kickstarter and the international board game scene we know English is better. We found out that War for Chicken Island was having a lot of attention from Spain. We decided to make the updates in English and in Spanish, it brought good results although it is definitely twice the work. Overall, I feel I connected with the backers. I named them "Chicken Army" and they are proud about it. We shaped the relaunch together and when we ran out of Stretch Goals we figured out some new ones together. War for Chicken Island is very special for me; it may not be among the biggest campaigns in history but it certainly was a big milestone for Draco Studios and even a bigger one for the Mexican board game scene; It became the most funded and most backed Mexican project since when Kickstarter invited Mexican creators to upload projects in November 2016; the first successful projects from Mexican creators was Tricksters from my former company Aether Tower, NecronomiCORP from Gnomosapiens, and Scenery tiles from Axolote Gaming. In April of this year we broke our own record with Dragons of the Red Moon. And across all the mentioned campaigns, I see many familiar names from returning backers. What I'm trying to say is that backers are the most important part of Kickstarter, and under the right circumstances, they may support a returning creator more than once. What would you have done differently? Do you have any more insights about relaunching a campaign? --- If you would like to stay notified about War for Chicken Island or similar releases, subscribe here. War for Chicken Island late pledges are still available here.
  8. Version 1.1.0


    Because of FREE RPG DAY 2019, we want you to enjoy this one-shot Adventure along with the wold primer based on Eldritch Century. Click in the "Download this file" button and receive 2 PDFs: Eldritch Century - World Primer Eldritch Century - Into the Miasma (one-shot adventure) If you enjoy this setting, subscribe here and stay in tune for more news about upcoming releases.
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    Here's a special screensaver for you, featuring some factions from Eldritch Century: Into the Lost Continent. A skirmish miniatures game coming soon to Kickstarter.
  10. The more rewarding feeling for creators is to witness their work being used by people around the world and bringing stories to life. Please share pictures of your painted miniatures in this thread, we would love to see them!
  11. Version 1.0.0

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    Here's a special screensaver for you, featuring some of the leaders from War for Chicken Island! Desktop 2560 x 1440 Desktop 1920 x 1080 Mobile 1242 x 2208 Mobile 1080 x 1920
  12. until
    Come find us at stand 2-T1 (sharing with BoardGameGuru and EN Publishing) to play War for Chicken Island Eldritch Century: Into the Lost Continent And chat about future projects!
  13. Post pictures of your dragon prints or miniatures, comment about the campaign or its updates, ask any question! We are here to share the enthusiasm with you, understand your needs and improve for our future products and to help you out with any issue or question you may have.
  14. The Red Moon is a rocky planet full of jagged surfaces, lava and quicksilver rivers. In this thread you will see many panoramas including the great wyrm's lair. Aureus Lair (Work in progress by Odysseas Stamoglou) Located on the tallest mountain on the surface of the planet.
  15. @Kinglonewolf Just updated the thread at the bottom line to include the link. We decided to leave it available Please share the pictures, we love to see paint jobs!
  16. Before launching our Kickstarter campaign for Dragons of the Red Moon, we started a Painting contest. We uploaded the 3D STL file for Kuxcoatl and allowed some time for contestants to print and paint. Note: While the Kickstarter campaign was live, we were unable to share about this contest with backers because of Kickstarter rules; no contests or raffles allowed in the campaign. Now, we have reached the deadline for submissions and would like to know your opinion on these amazing paint jobs. Note that this poll will not indicate the final winner but will help us choose some finalists. From those, the staff serving as judges from Draco Studios will pick the 1st and 2nd place. We will also pick a random winner from among all contestants. Bases Submissions Additional angles (provided by some of the contestants) Even though we are not longer accepting submissions for the contest, here's the download link for you to print and paint your own bust. Please share the pictures with us, we would love to see the result! Feel free to comment.
  17. Definitely, color change was already requested. @Marc that's great, will send you PM soon.
  18. Thanks a lot Yuri!! That will be super nice and can help us keep looking into a Portuguese partner for the future.
  19. Hello, Here we will be posting the rulebook versions to share with everyone for proofread and suggestions. The current file uploaded is version 2; while we already provided some feedback and are waiting for revision 3, all suggestions are welcome. Some important changes we are expecting from version 2 to version 3 include: Glossary complete Removing FAQ and incorporate those clarifications within the rules Replacing the Lorem Ipsum text with the proper legal text and credits Changing certain text/Background colors for better visibility WFCI_Rulebook_v2.pdf
  20. I'm willing to be the second only because this one is from the Red Moon and has the biography I like the most: Baastherox The mightiest. A solitary dragon of humongous power. It once had a legendary fight with ... ; his broken horn is a reminder of that failure.
  21. Thanks! I loved it as well when the lore team came with this idea. Personally, I find Sivax biography a very evocative one. I keep picturing this scene on dawnbreak (with the amazing sky Drakha offers) and the Magnifex brood admiring the artpiece made with what's left of Yurvix by Sivax, can't wait for when we commission that artpiece or some fanart shows up for that scene.
  22. Dragons of The Red Moon is part of an extended universe called Dragonbond. In this universe, there is a constant tension between Drakha (The Red Moon) and the planet of Dralore, where different races inhabit and actively attempt to defend themselves from the constant threat that the Dragons of the Red Moon represent to them. Every 13 years, when Drakha orbits in a very close proximity to Dralore, a portal is opened and it permits the dragons to make a journey to this planet. The Dragons, most of them young, endeavor to complete a rite of passage to bring something valuable to the great wyrm of their brood, in hopes to prove their worth and show their qualities. Some of these majestic creatures, not only bringing utter devastation to the regions they overfly, choose to take back to Drakha unfortunate souls who fall under their claws to breed in their food farms, animal specimens, artifacts that intrigue them or they consider valuable under their judgement, among others. One of the many landscapes that can be seen in the Red Moon Undoubtedly, Dralorians have had a valid reason to fear and repudiate dragons for centuries. However, during the time of the draconic attacks every 13 years, a most peculiar event oft times take place. This is called the Dragonbond and it continues to puzzle and astonish both dragons and the people of Dralore. As its name propounds, this is the bonding or coming together of a dragon and any Dralorian specie with the faculty of intellect. Up to this day, there is no logic explanation for this, bond, for it is only known that it is instant and once the two creatures have recognized each other, their life depends on the other’s and vice versa. The dragon immediately loses its immortality, and is scarred by the spear of finitude, which will rise disquietude in their hearts and trouble their mind with matters that they have never been concerned with. The humanity a dragon gains due to the bond, may be seen as a curse or an advantage depending on the perspective from where it is approached. On the other hand, the Dralorian who has melded will acquire a great amount of power from the dragon and the dragon will as well gain power and magic from its counterpart. There is a lot to say about the Dragonbond, and its nature is not written in here, but in the stories of those who have experienced in the flesh. These accounts may soon be yours to read and let your imagination travel through the wondrous Dralore. This place where existence is bereft of the belief in Gods and destiny, to be is to become. There are no idols in the Dralorian mind beyond that which they call Khrasafq, a demiurgic entity who is not worshipped as an individual, for it exists in the multiplicity of the universe. Krashafq resides in all that is, hence all that is, is Khrashafq, occurring as the constant transformation of an instant in diverse shapes. Before the lack of a dive eye of judgement, Dralorians concern themselves not with the prospect of afterlife or eternal damnation, but with their present, and they do not expect to be punished or rewarded by a greater power. Their fears and drives are propped upon other matters. War and conflict are primary themes in Dralorian reality, and the inhabitants of this planet cannot conceive life without the bellicose past that was given a shape to their pugnacious actuality and thinking. The social and political horizon is everlastingly overwhelmed by the prospect of quarrels and dispute. Yet, unlike us, Dralorians do not long for peace, nor linger in the melancholy of a better time. On the contrary, their will-power is ignited by the primeval idea that collision is an intrinsic and immanent principle of life which gives a value to episodes of stability. Most definitely, their morality is unlike that of our world, and it operates in curious and of times surprising ways. This partly explains the wide cultural variety of Dralorian factions and their notable strength and impetus, which come in many shapes and have many different faces and voices. Which of the following appeals to your will and determination the most? It could be the Tyverian Empire, residence of blood sorcerers with unfaltering will and a determination to conquer as much territory as possible through blood pacts and imposing authority; or maybe The High Kingdom of Allaria, a place with the enticing aesthetics of the far east where the past magic of the silver elves continues to perturb the new order the half-elven have established; industrious gold gnomes leading the faction’s industrialization. The Nahuac could appeal to you, shapeshifters in commune with nature who fiercely protect their borders. The combined forces of the Ocelokatl, fearful jaguar shapeshifters; the talented Boonkun birdfolk, and the resilient Bendavee lizardfolk makes the Nahuac a faction to be reckoned with. These three factions are just half of the most dominant ones this awe inspiring universe has to offer to you. A Nahuac city landscape. The Nahuac focus on melding with nature this can be seen in their traditions and constructions. However, these factions are not complete without the political intrigue and the antagonizing forces that add up to the constant menace from the Red Moon. Danger and formidable forces fuel their leaders’ will. One of the most notable is The Null, a dark power which leaks into Dralorian reality, and fails not to terrorize and make the bravest mages and warriors hesitate to cast a spell or wield a weapon. The Null spews horrors capable of absorbing any form of being and turning it into nothingness, which makes it an appalling opponent, yet some see it as an inviting ally. Dralore is full of occult powers and entities that stalk from the abysmal deep to the icy and impious mountains of the north. Where will you stand? This will be a decision for you to make once you dare venture in and explore more about this marvellous universe we are crafting for your enjoyment.
  23. Sivax Magnifex, Prince of Perfect Ecstasy Sivax is the absolute authority when it comes to beauty. Background The Magnifex brood is characterized for its dragon’s keen eye for beauty beyond human understanding of this word. To this brood, detecting beauty in any creature, landscape, object, or element, is something intrinsic to their nature, This faculty is regarded as a sixth sense which they call cryxivix and only the Magnifex may develop it. However, Sivax Magnifex, the prodigy and leader of his kin, was the exceptional phenomenon who was born with a fully developed and privileged cryxivix. This sense was so acute in him, that whenever he beheld something ugly, he would enter in a rampage, physically pained by the experience. This was feared by many, for he became a deadly menace in such state. The beauty he was born with was breathtaking to every dragon and dragonkin around him, so he came to be what they called the true living beauty, similar to what a human would understand by a total art piece. Sivax possessed, among his keen eye for beauty and extremely sensitive cryxivix, the ability to change the colour of his scales. As a hatchling, he would elegantly move whilst changing his hues, in some sort of dance that pleased himself before anybody, and the rest of his broodmates would observe in awe. He came to be regarded as the prince of perfect ecstasy, while he also had the keenest eye for beauty. Desire commenced growing in his heart, to revolution the Magnifex brood’s eye, and to make them all see the world as he did. Back in his youth, the Magnifex had a different leader; his name was Yurvix, and he was beautiful and highly respected. Yet there was something about this dragon that caused Sivax a hidden sense of displeasure. He seemed unfinished to him and it obsessed him to the darkest chasms of his conscience. Whenever Sivax bathed in quicksilver and admired his own reflection, the leader came to mind, and oft times Sivax would experience such discomfort that he would violently writhe and squirm, hissing in his solitude. Only his own image would appease him. It is said that it was his reflection what enkindled Sivax’s resolve. And one night, covered by the veil of the most wondrous sky Drakha had ever seen, he slithered out of his lair and decided to act, wishing to create a piece unlike anything that was ever seen. The break of day came and when the first rays of light shun upon the Magnifex’s domain, a masterpiece was revealed. Full of rapture, Sivax stood by Yurvix’s dead body, hacked open from the nave to the neck; a ribcage fully spread as the entrails had been carefully rearranged and crafted like blooming blossoms of crimson and clots of deep mauve. The pose of the leader emulated the elegance of statues as it appeared to be dancing over its severed head. To common mortals, this display of macabre sadism would have caused an outrage, but not to the Magnifex brood, since as soon as they beheld such sight, the aesthetic experience that overwhelmed the dragons was almost too great to bear. They entered such ecstatic state, that the destruction caused by the collective rampage was immense. However, this was Sivax’s opportunity to inaugurate a new era, the reconstruction of beauty from chaos. Sivax was recognized unanimously, and he proclaimed himself the most beautiful dragon among dragons as well the rightful lord of the Magnifex. To this day, he continues to explore and wishes to possess all what satisfies his exceptional cryxivix. Personality Sivax is a prideful, hedonistic, and highly egocentric dragon; relatively young in comparison to many of the great Wyrms. However, this makes him no less than an ode to draconic grandeur. He seeks to find beauty in the Red Moon and beyond, however, he does not take it kindly to anything that appears ugly to him. Uglyness pains Sivax Magnifex, literally. It is of vast importance to state that the concept of beauty which dragons have, is puzzling to humans, for their aesthetic parameters are very distant from our own. A dragon may find beauty in things that are utterly aberrant to a human being, likely to the peculiar taste the Magnifex brood has for peeking inside live bodies, finding an ecstatic sense of awe in gruesome detail and even suffering. The Magnifex, under Sivax’s command, have the duty to represent beauty in Drakha and fill their domain with it. Sivax believes, as every member of his brood does too, that he is the epitome of beauty, and is recognized as a piece of living beauty himself. Close to what we would understand as art. Due to this, Sivax has a great obsession with controlling and owning quicksilver in the Red Moon, for in it, he has found his reflection and wishes for his domain to overflow with it and emulate endless mirrors. Naturally, the leader of the brood wishes to see himself wherever he roams, and for others to appreciate his majesty simultaneously.
  24. Aureus Sivax Kuxcoatl Nixis Baastherox Rawraxxa Dehrilya
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