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  1. Hi there! Ah, ok, I see. Well, it's all metallic paints on the armoured dragon. My basic painting technique is paniting on a very light base coat, silver in this case, and then applying different more or less subtle washes of successively darker paints. Like chainmail or gunmetal, in this case. I may also paint on some more highlights again, in case they got too dark during the washing process.
  2. What metallic highlights are you refering to, Ruben? Cheers Dirk
  3. Interesting fact: In the German ogirinal it is called "Fuchur".
  4. And here's some more dragon goodness. The reissues of some nice vintage Ral Partha dragons, sculpted by Dennis Mice back in the 1990s. Painted in 2007. Dennis sure knew how to desing those reptiles. Cheers Dirk
  5. Hi! A nice collection you've got yourself there! And yes, you should start painting dragons again! Do not hesitate or ponder about it, just do it! Those paint jobs really look like something to build up upon some newer, more advanced painting techniques. Cheers Dirk
  6. Hi guys! Yeah, I handpainted that rein. I also scratched that rein out of some wire and paper. A few years ago I was commissioned with a second version. So I painted it blue this time. Maybe some day I will paint another, updated version, reflecting my current skills. Cheers Dirk
  7. Hello! Yes, Niv-Mizzet looks quite nice. Is there also an unpainted version of it? Like some of the other Wizz Kid figures. Well, I have some more dragon goodness for you. Also painted a long time ago, this is Ral Partha's armoured dragon. Cheers Dirk
  8. Well, if you like the eyes, take a look at this swamp dragon. Cheers Dirk
  9. Errol Small guard dragon from Terry Pratchetts Disc World novels. (thought I take the not so obvious one )
  10. Good morning! Thank you! I am sure, you guys do your best with all the love and passion yuo have for dragons. Here's another larger piece I painted up several times. Ral Partha's great golden Chaos Dragon: A real heavyweight monster cast in metal. Fortunately your dragons will come in resin and be much lighter. Resin is so much better than pewter. Cheers Dirk
  11. Thank you, Ruben! Well, it will take us around two years, to find out, I guess. I pledged for the whole 7 dragons! My first kickstarter, btw. I hope I don't get disapointed. I will also add the whole set of busts. I just haven't found out how to do that, yet. In the meantime I can show you more dragons. I am also working on the Kuxcoatl bust right now. Will post it, when I'm finished. Here's another classic Ral Partha dragon: Cheers Dirk
  12. Ok, then here is a very old one. Painted over 20 years ago. Cheers Dirk
  13. Thank you, Ruben! Like to see more? Cheers Dirk
  14. Hi there! I lve dragons and have painted a lot over the past 20+ years. This is one of the latest I did: Cheers Dirk
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