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  1. Does it take an action to roll a d6 to try an ability? or do you roll a d6 at the start of the round and that is your result for the round? Up to the DM?
  2. Are these per round or are they total for the phase?
  3. Quick Question, is that about how the seam lines will be in the final product? Just trying to gauge how much I will have to fill/smooth.
  4. if kuxqoatl is a dragon, does Quetzalcoatl count for Q? LOL
  5. Bosque

    Epic encounters

    Definitely want to see baastherox and his storm!!
  6. Bosque

    3.x rules

    I agree 100% with that
  7. Onyxia World of Warcraft Boss
  8. Nixis Dragons of the Red Moon!!!!
  9. Malygos World of Warcraft boss
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