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  1. So been trying to get this guy printed to scale and having a issue with the right wing. I've printed it several times and the body too, but the right wing keeps having fitting issues. I even change some of the dimensions and it keeps falling short, or won't fit to the socket. Picture is the closes I get without more sanding and modifications and even then it doesn't fit flush to the body. Some won't even fit in the socket period.
  2. Progress on aureus! All done with resin on the Elegoo mars printer. Printed at 50% scale for the time being until my maoi is fixed and can start full size.
  3. finally got around to getting the printers primed and ready for what is to come. So here is the first test print and it came out really well. The size was reduced down to 75%, but I needed to dial in my smaller printer first as it will handle the mass production of small object and multiple objects at once, while my big printer will handle any body, wing, and head to scale.
  4. Awesome thanks! Gives me a chance to do some test runs and scaling before getting the mother of all STL dumps soon lol
  5. Wow amazing submissions. I wish I knew, I would of printed and joined in, is the bust file still available to give it a run on my printer?
  6. Hard to say just on head concepts and not full body. But I'm really liking rawraxxa design most. Looking at that under frill and the scales. But that can change once I get a scale of each of them.
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