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  1. It would be great if there was a reaction table, when players engage the dragons there are key terms that will trigger a prepared immersive response from the dragon, written by the dragon designers to to aid the game master.
  2. Jorgumander, of Norse mythology, son of Loki, lived in the sea and was so vast that he encompassed the whole Earth. His only weakness was the wile and strength of Thor, who was destined to defeat him around the end times and Ragnorok (or is it Gottendamerung). Unfortunately, the venom of the Midgard (Earth) serpent meant the death of "immortal" Thor as well.
  3. Jörmungandr, 'world serpent' !
  4. Illuyanka of the Hittites. He defeated the storm god Teshub, and kept Teshub's heart and eyes as a trophy. The maimed Teshub lived on and had a son named Sarruma. Teshuba contrived to have Sarruma marry Illuyanka's daughter and have Illuyanka return his heart and eyes as a wedding present. With the return of his organs and power, Teshub slew Illuyanka and his own dishonored son Sarruma. Didn't know about this dragon off the top of my head, so glad to have wikipedia.
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