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Found 1 result

  1. Kuxcoatl The Lord of the Feathered Dragons has a very particular background. His bedazzling being is proof of the will in Kadmos' blood. Kuxcoatl shows that to dragons, to be is to become. Background Long time ago, Kuxcoatl hatched as a dragonkin among the brood of the Coatls. He was known as Kuxbaan, and lived under the shade of the great feathered wyrms. In the beginning, the Coatls were tribal and feral, formed by brutal devourers and hostile warriors who took pride in the violent ways of their kin. The dragonkin were not treated very different than those destined to feed the Coatls’ hunger. Yet Kuxbaan, with remarkable wit and intelligence, managed to please his boastful masters, enough for him to stay alive. Naturally curious, he always found himself cautiously observing his masters’ behavior, not afraid but with interest to form an objective judgement of what he saw day by day. Oft times, he would stray away from Coatl territory to explore unknown lands and species. Kuxbaan took samples to study them whenever he had time, and this was nothing his superiors cared for or even noticed. However, he always proceeded quietly and attempted to go by unnoticed. He did not wish to displease his master, a young Coatl who was expected to become a strong leader of his clan. Kuxbaan’s curiosity and desire for knowledge continued increasing, and his heart longed for adventure; his mind painting landscapes beyond the galactic infinity, roused by the wondrous night sky that he often observed from the Red moon. Every 13 years a portal opens and Dragons travel to Dralore, a planet too different to theirs where they bring absolute calamity and desolation as they search for a valuable offering to bring back to the head of their respective brood. This is considered a rite of passage, and Kuxbaan’s master was to perform it. Kuxbaan was not going to sit idle while limiting himself to dream, so he furtively clung to his unaware lord’s tail, hiding under his plumes. This behavior he had observed in parasite species that latched onto bigger animals and that was Kuxbaan’s time to imitate it. Dralore was successfully reached and Kuxbaan, filled with awe, did not lose time to delve into the wonders of that new world. There, lingering undercover, he came across the people who in Dralore are known as the Nahuac. He observed how the Nahuac, at a very early stage, were trying to channel their magic, primarily into manipulating nature, but they lacked full knowledge of the essential principle that conferred them magic power. When the time to go back to the Red Moon came, Kuxbaan left Dralore, but he had more questions than those he had before arriving. This lead him enter in a state of deep meditation and study when he returned to Drakha. He commenced developing and exercising his dragonkin magic, wishing to manipulate nature like the Nahuac, but with a deeper understanding and wishing to modify his own self. In theory this was fully possible, for the blood of Kadmos, the first dragon, ran through his veins. He challenged his mind and his body, and after a while a transformation begun. The blood of Kadmos had awakened within him, and soon his anatomy commenced changing into that of a majestic and gigantic dragon. Kuxbaan had finally become a Coatl, defying the laws of nature and of his own kin. When he appeared before the eyes of his master and claimed to be Kuxbaan, the later was ready to take him on with fury. Kuxbaan did not retreat and fought not only with strength, but also cunning and sly, finally outwitting the leader and executing him. Kuxbaan was recognized as the new leader and he named himself Kuxcoatl, Lord of the feathered dragons, leaving his dragonkin name behind. The Coatls changed as a kin, following the steps of their new master. They remained strong and territorial, but the desire for knowledge and curiosity became their most notable characteristic. Personality Kuxcoatl appears collected and meditative, and whenever he speaks, his mouth spews words of pure wisdom. Knowledge is his ore; he hoards it, yet not greedily, for he often shares it when he considers it worthy and pertinent. Many millennia ago, he made a trip to Dralore where he showed the Nahuac some of his magic, which they now know as the Makaab and is a pinnacle of this discipline to their society. To fight Kuxcoatl is to prepare for a test not only of strength but of wit and intelligence, since these are two of the most notable characteristics of a Coatl’s combat. In Kuxcoatl’s domain, the Coatls have a similar philosophy to Aureus’ when it comes to the treatment of dragonkin and some of their servants, which are usually Nahuac abducted from Dralore. Except for those who remain in the Coatls’ food farms waiting for their turn to satiate the dragons’ appetite, inhabitants of the brood’s territory are given certain freedom. This is reasonable to Kuxcoatl due to his past. A good way to please the Lord of the feathered dragons is to present him with something unknown to him; something that confers him knowledge in any sense.
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