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Found 8 results

  1. Progress on aureus! All done with resin on the Elegoo mars printer. Printed at 50% scale for the time being until my maoi is fixed and can start full size.
  2. Ruben

    Draconic Poem

    Hi! My name is Ruben Bañuelos and I'm lead content creator at Draco Studios and the creator of the Draconic Language that will be used in Dragons of the Red Moon and other projects related to Dragonbond. Please feel free to use this forum to discuss and translate the Draconic Poem. I'll be hanging around to see how well are you doing and drop an ocassional clue. Just as a reminder, this is the original poem. (As transcribed by a poor soul trapped on the Red Moon) U shêfqmirena bakharut vkr’ad tshêmurut ka je tsalkokhr khrashafqa vkrute vaernure uvrakezhi nüli Zal ermuteni alaureni thsêmur’ad ka palfrekutim la’azarutim nurim Zherani fenmelutani vkrani u trümena Drakhuta valerna va’narezhi tshêbazherel nurel korvim Drakhal gimbesha vazera sêkhera zanel, drakera nurezutera nurel Merra bazherezutera Rubiksokhr, Sêkhera Verim Kadmos, tsalkesuta, zhardesh tsemutekhram feksekhram. Sejut shermat’ad bamra Shermatatzja tsalkesh umeth Vazeni vorfrekeni ka baza feksa umkazesh ukharekhram zhurani trümani; Vaze ummirave umesh vo’odekhre tli ekhreth zhurrel a’asthrrel umenel Ka u zher’ad shermat’ad vaz va’umrakesh, gre khmuresh gre umrakesh malfeksut’ad al’ad, vem mres gimbesha uvumetes. Tshênaumre ukskezhi, tshênaumre eruksketlen ka ard vaza güra va’uvumesh. Zana va’uvrakezhi sua erkazhena trümverani drakerim, vornare sua mrena Kadmos va’zekhezhi, khrivaksa vkrim, ka ksüv’kare belut’ad v’kar’ad fenfeks’ad ka vokh… U shêfqmirena bakhar vkr’ad tshêmurut ka je tsalkokhr khrashafqa vkrute vaernure uvrakezhi nüli
  3. The Red Moon is a rocky planet full of jagged surfaces, lava and quicksilver rivers. In this thread you will see many panoramas including the great wyrm's lair. Aureus Lair (Work in progress by Odysseas Stamoglou) Located on the tallest mountain on the surface of the planet.
  4. Post pictures of your dragon prints or miniatures, comment about the campaign or its updates, ask any question! We are here to share the enthusiasm with you, understand your needs and improve for our future products and to help you out with any issue or question you may have.
  5. Before launching our Kickstarter campaign for Dragons of the Red Moon, we started a Painting contest. We uploaded the 3D STL file for Kuxcoatl and allowed some time for contestants to print and paint. Note: While the Kickstarter campaign was live, we were unable to share about this contest with backers because of Kickstarter rules; no contests or raffles allowed in the campaign. Now, we have reached the deadline for submissions and would like to know your opinion on these amazing paint jobs. Note that this poll will not indicate the final winner but will help us choose some finalists. From those, the staff serving as judges from Draco Studios will pick the 1st and 2nd place. We will also pick a random winner from among all contestants. Bases Submissions Additional angles (provided by some of the contestants) Even though we are not longer accepting submissions for the contest, here's the download link for you to print and paint your own bust. Please share the pictures with us, we would love to see the result! Feel free to comment.
  6. Sivax Magnifex, Prince of Perfect Ecstasy Sivax is the absolute authority when it comes to beauty. Background The Magnifex brood is characterized for its dragon’s keen eye for beauty beyond human understanding of this word. To this brood, detecting beauty in any creature, landscape, object, or element, is something intrinsic to their nature, This faculty is regarded as a sixth sense which they call cryxivix and only the Magnifex may develop it. However, Sivax Magnifex, the prodigy and leader of his kin, was the exceptional phenomenon who was born with a fully developed and privileged cryxivix. This sense was so acute in him, that whenever he beheld something ugly, he would enter in a rampage, physically pained by the experience. This was feared by many, for he became a deadly menace in such state. The beauty he was born with was breathtaking to every dragon and dragonkin around him, so he came to be what they called the true living beauty, similar to what a human would understand by a total art piece. Sivax possessed, among his keen eye for beauty and extremely sensitive cryxivix, the ability to change the colour of his scales. As a hatchling, he would elegantly move whilst changing his hues, in some sort of dance that pleased himself before anybody, and the rest of his broodmates would observe in awe. He came to be regarded as the prince of perfect ecstasy, while he also had the keenest eye for beauty. Desire commenced growing in his heart, to revolution the Magnifex brood’s eye, and to make them all see the world as he did. Back in his youth, the Magnifex had a different leader; his name was Yurvix, and he was beautiful and highly respected. Yet there was something about this dragon that caused Sivax a hidden sense of displeasure. He seemed unfinished to him and it obsessed him to the darkest chasms of his conscience. Whenever Sivax bathed in quicksilver and admired his own reflection, the leader came to mind, and oft times Sivax would experience such discomfort that he would violently writhe and squirm, hissing in his solitude. Only his own image would appease him. It is said that it was his reflection what enkindled Sivax’s resolve. And one night, covered by the veil of the most wondrous sky Drakha had ever seen, he slithered out of his lair and decided to act, wishing to create a piece unlike anything that was ever seen. The break of day came and when the first rays of light shun upon the Magnifex’s domain, a masterpiece was revealed. Full of rapture, Sivax stood by Yurvix’s dead body, hacked open from the nave to the neck; a ribcage fully spread as the entrails had been carefully rearranged and crafted like blooming blossoms of crimson and clots of deep mauve. The pose of the leader emulated the elegance of statues as it appeared to be dancing over its severed head. To common mortals, this display of macabre sadism would have caused an outrage, but not to the Magnifex brood, since as soon as they beheld such sight, the aesthetic experience that overwhelmed the dragons was almost too great to bear. They entered such ecstatic state, that the destruction caused by the collective rampage was immense. However, this was Sivax’s opportunity to inaugurate a new era, the reconstruction of beauty from chaos. Sivax was recognized unanimously, and he proclaimed himself the most beautiful dragon among dragons as well the rightful lord of the Magnifex. To this day, he continues to explore and wishes to possess all what satisfies his exceptional cryxivix. Personality Sivax is a prideful, hedonistic, and highly egocentric dragon; relatively young in comparison to many of the great Wyrms. However, this makes him no less than an ode to draconic grandeur. He seeks to find beauty in the Red Moon and beyond, however, he does not take it kindly to anything that appears ugly to him. Uglyness pains Sivax Magnifex, literally. It is of vast importance to state that the concept of beauty which dragons have, is puzzling to humans, for their aesthetic parameters are very distant from our own. A dragon may find beauty in things that are utterly aberrant to a human being, likely to the peculiar taste the Magnifex brood has for peeking inside live bodies, finding an ecstatic sense of awe in gruesome detail and even suffering. The Magnifex, under Sivax’s command, have the duty to represent beauty in Drakha and fill their domain with it. Sivax believes, as every member of his brood does too, that he is the epitome of beauty, and is recognized as a piece of living beauty himself. Close to what we would understand as art. Due to this, Sivax has a great obsession with controlling and owning quicksilver in the Red Moon, for in it, he has found his reflection and wishes for his domain to overflow with it and emulate endless mirrors. Naturally, the leader of the brood wishes to see himself wherever he roams, and for others to appreciate his majesty simultaneously.
  7. Aureus Sivax Kuxcoatl Nixis Baastherox Rawraxxa Dehrilya
  8. Aureus, His Radiant majesty, is the helm of the Fulgen brood. He is an ancient wyrm, following Baastherox in age. Aureus has seen great battles of yore, and he has taken part in many of the most important events and conflicts that have shaped the Red Moon’s history. His role in draconic society is crucial, for his brood is currently the dominant one. Feared as he is respected. Background During the early days of Drakha, the first wyrms all had a similar aspect, but as their world started changing a strange phenomenon started to occur. The hatchlings of their eggs resulted in dragons with unique and very different characteristics to their progeny. Some of them were feathered, or had scales with strange colours and qualities no one had ever seen, and some others possessed the ability to conjure rare and unknown magic. In the beginning, this was seen as an aberration, and many even decided to kill or eat the little beasts, but as time ran its course they came to be accepted. Aureus Fulgen himself was among the first and incredibly rare variants of wyrms to exist. His metallic scales were so beautiful and shun so brightly, it appeared he had been bestowed with an armour of pure gold. Many saw him as a strange relic and oft praised his unique aspect. Nevertheless, this awoke an anxiety in him, for he desired not to please others, but to be pleased. This woke in him the desire to transcend expectations, and perpetuate his majesty out his own will. So it came to pass that Aureus gave himself the task to rise and become founder of his own kin, the Fulgen brood, which he knew would be the most glorious of all. Centuries later, Aureus continued to rise in glory, but the separation of the Great Wyrms into different broods had stirred conflict, for drakes are rightfully arrogant and self-important creatures and it was intrinsic for them to wish to state their superiority above aught else. War came in the form of a great kinslaying, and Aureus and his brood were some of the most remarkable contenders. Many broods went fully extinct during these wars, but the Fulgen endured. Aureus, looked upon the crimson-tainted battlefield, and saw not victory but loss and a baleful wasteland. He saw marred bodies and faces, and knew that great power had ceased to exist after that last battle, power which he could have manipulated to use in his favour. Certainly not grieving, but deep in thought, Aureus came to conclude existence could not be futile, every creature born or hatched had to have a purpose. It was of little or vast importance, it mattered not to him; this purpose he would use to grow in strength and power to become insuperable. Hence, not sitting idle, he commenced exercising apparent diplomacy, which was in truth elaborate manipulations for his future plans of greatness. Aureus started working on gaining allies instead of foes to benefit from those characteristics that made them different and strange to the Fulgen. His followers became so vast in numbers that he extended the territory of his lair to build Aurelya, the city of Fulgen, where he keeps his kin and all of those in his service close to please his ambitions. Personality Aureus is characterized for his imposing presence and character. He is a natural born leader and he shines with the majesty of the sun wherever he decides to make an appearance. He, unlike other dragons, appears to have a much more lenient and even understanding attitude towards those in his service. However, his intelligence manifests in his manipulations to use whatever resources he has to his benefit. A not so severe regime over his underlings makes these live longer and work better. This rhetoric is the foundation of his brood’s striking strength and dominance. Those under his command not only fear him but also respect him, everlastingly willing to stand for the Fulgen. Aureus is capable of captivating and charming anybody who stands before him, imbuing in any individual’s a powerful sense of duty and servitude towards him, their one and only lord.
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