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Rules coming soon

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We will have to gather and discuss the forum rules, in the meantime here are some guidelines:


1) Be nice to each other - if you say something that would cause a stranger on the street to punch you in the face, you might want to reconsider.

2) Don't do anything that ends in "-phobia" or "-ism" - No sexism, no racism, no homophobia, no transphobia. Doing any of these might result in a permanent ban.

3) English please - most of us at the team are ESL speakers, so we know the kind of effort it takes to communicate in a language that isn't your own. If you want a place for discussion in your own language, we will happily add an international forum as soon as we get enough requests and a couple of moderators.

4) No obscene/illegal content - No sexual content, no nudity, no discussion about drug use, no piracy, no talking about doing or encouraging to do anything illegal. 

5) Keep it PG-13 - We do games, so there might be kids reading the forum. Please abstain from using 4-letter words or anything that would require to be bleeped out on public television. We might consider opening a mature section with more leniency on this regard, but its not a certainty.

6) Be the person Mr Rogers knew you could be.

7) Just enjoy yourselves and be excellent to each other.

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